Free Install to Bring Your IVR into the 

Modern Age

Promotion runs August 15 - December 31, 2017

New Atmosphere® IVR customers are eligible for credit equal to the set-up/non-recurring charges (NRC) up to $10,000 based on deals with one-year agreement term.

  • $3,000 credit towards set-up fees based on $1,000 monthly minimum revenue guarantee (MRG).
  • $10,000 credit towards set-up fees based on $3,000 monthly minimum revenue guarantee (MRG). 

$3,000 in set-up fee costs equates to approximately 15 hours of customized Professional Services development.  Any Professional Services beyond $10,000 will be charged back to customer.  

Solution Summary will reflect the waived charge up to $10,000 value.

Customer MSA and Solution Summary must be executed by December 31, 2017. Once the MSA and Solution Summary quote are signed, team typically delivers the Statement of Work (SoW) with detailed project scope and delivery dates within 2 weeks and executes the SoW within 4-6 weeks.

Eligible service includes IntelePeer Atmosphere IVR.

IntelePeer reserves the right to verify that all orders conform to the intent and guidelines of this promotion and may clarify this promotion at any time.

A good customer experience starts with an IVR. Despite the importance of IVR in the customer journey, many organizations have not updated their systems and that is more manual work than most companies can handle. 

We know installs aren’t always the best experience. Slow turn up times, costly set-up fees, little to no customer support, and one-size fits all services.

IntelePeer’s Atmosphere IVR is different. We’re fast, our account management is dedicated to you, and through December 2017, our experts will help design your customized IVR and set it up, for free*.

We know the struggle, so let us do the heavy lifting.

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